Well Water Running Dry

In many rural parts of Southern California, well water is the main source of H2O for residents. In Santa Clarita and outlying canyon areas water has had to be imported from reservoirs to keep up with demand. Many residents have had to let their landscaping die as a result of major water shortages and skyrocketing water costs.

Many residents are turning to synthetic turf as a move-forward scenario and being realistic about water conservation. Much talk about native plants and rock-scapes as alternative water conservation designs have been ushered in, but for many residents, relying solely on rocks and plants that look withered don’t quite do the job.

Says Rebecca Hollinger of Agua Dulce, Calif.: “Let’s be realistic, we’ve got kids and pets that are active and need a place to play. I don’t think a rock-scape is going to accomplish that with much safety. We chose synthetic-grass for many reasons… our dogs love it and so do our kids for sports and just good old tumbling. Maybe in 10 years when the kids are older we’ll tear out the synthetic grass for rock, but I doubt it.”

For sheer aesthetics, artificial grass has improved greatly and, in many cases, close inspection is deceiving.

With environmental concerns at the forefront of all that we do, our efforts to sustain and protect the environment are crucial. Today even places like Georgia are facing water shortages, and the Southwest and West Coast regions have been in a drought situation for several years with the Colorado River being drained of its vital water resources.

Building is at an all time high, which has been great for the economy, but little has been done to “actively” conserve and consider alternative water resources. Synthetic turf and native plantings are realistic alternatives that are no longer becoming alternatives.

Many cities, such as Las Vegas, are offering incentives to change landscape designs and remove water-consuming vegetation and replace it with synthetic turf or alternative plants and landscapes. Some of the largest water districts in the U.S., including the Southern California Metropolitan Water District, are offering similar rebates and incentives.

AmeriTurf Systems is continuing to push forward with “green design” and conservation-focused philosophies. We understand that water is the most important resource on the planet, and being water wise is everyone’s responsibility.

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